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3rd Degree Black Belt

Sam - IL Hyung

Black Belt                                                         Download a printable version


           Closed ready position C

  •    Left double outer forearm block (kihap)
  •    Right double inner forearm block
  •    Right reverse reinforced outer knifehand block
  •    Right twist kick-
  •    Right middle punch
  •    Ridgehand W block (right foot moves to face LS)
  •    Right reverse low upset spearhand strike
            (left foot moves)
  •    Left low block - right high outer forearm block
            (right foot moves)
  •    Ridgehand W block
            (right foot moves counterclockwise)
  •  Right low double outer forearm block
            (right foot moves)
  •  Twin middle palm block 45° to right
  •  Left reverse middle punch
  •  Left low double outer forearm block
            (left foot moves)
  •  Left middle double ridgehand block
            (double step, move right foot 1st)
  •  Left C-block
  •  Right foot inward sweep - right C block
  •  Jump counterclockwise 360° -
             right double knifehand block
  •  Right side kick to LS - step feet together
  •  Right reverse horizontal elbow strike to left palm
            (kihap- left foot moves)
  •  Left reinforced vertical back elbow strike toward B-LS
    (right foot moves)
  •  Right middle X block (pivot right foot 45° to stance)
  •  Left W block (left foot moves)
  •  Left side kick to RS - step feet together
  •  Right low double knifehand block (right foot moves)
  •  Left upset palm block
  •  Twin downward palmheel block
  •  Twin upset punch (let foot moves)
  •  Right low block
  •  Left reverse middle punch w/ right fist atop left tricep
  •  Right reverse upset outer forearm block
            (left foot moves)
  •  Left middle punch
  •  #1 from kick with left foot then double step let then
            right to…
  •  Twin high punch
  •         Move right foot back to ready position



Right back (to front)

Right front

Left front


Right front


Left front (to back)


Right back


Middle (to RS)


Left back (to back)


Left front (to back)

Right front (to back)

Right back (to front)


Right back (to LS)



Left back (to LS)

Left back (to LS)



Left front (to RS)




Right front (to RS)

Middle (to back)


Left back (to LS)

Right rear (to LS)

Left rear (to LS)

Left front (to back)

Left back (to back)


Left front (to front)





Right front (to front)